12m³ Concrete Mixer Truck

12m³ Concrete Mixer Truck


The concrete mixer (transport mixer) is used to transport and mix concrete until the construction site. They can be filled with dry material and water, and mixing takes place during transportation. Mainly including vehicle chassis, mixing box, piping system, automatic nesting device.


  • Using special steel, different parts of different thickness, the service life of 1.5 times the other similar machines.
  • The blades are made of special cold forming stamper to ensure the speed and quality of the concrete output.
  • Zhenheng series of concrete mixer using Germany, Italy, the United States imported hydraulic system.
  • The new pump, motor, reducer can be provided free of charge within one year. Our engineers will visit customers regularly to help them solve technical problems.

Mixing cylinder conveying capacity14
Mixing drum geometric capacity20.5
Axis inclination10.8
Mixing cylinder speed0-17
Mixing cylinder length6069mm