What are the common types of failures in concrete mixing plants? How can they be dealt with?

    Today is the concrete mixing plant troubleshooting series, zhenheng for everyone to continue to explain.


  1. Fault three: the discharge port is not expected

         A:The failure performance

  When the contactor is pulled in and the motor rotates clockwise, the discharge port of the screw conveyor is not out, the time is longer, the air switch is tripped, the air switch is closed, the motor is started, and the motor is still tripped to observe the phenomenon of no solidification of the powder

        B:Analysis reason:

  The machine tool is reversed; the air switch is damaged; the master motor wiring may have a bad contact.

        C:The way to deal with concrete mixing plant failure is to:

  If the machine tool reverse, motor wiring any 2 bit can be adjusted; if the air switch is damaged, should be replaced; if the master motor wiring one phase is bad, should be checked.

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