What are the common types of failures in concrete mixing plants? How can they be dealt with?

  Today is the concrete mixing plant trouble shooting series, zhenheng for everyone to continue to explain。

  Fault: cement weigh weight not accurate

  failure performance

  Plus weight calibration can display the correct value, after unloading the number does not return to zero, cleared after loading weights, digital changes larger, but check the sensor resistance value in the normal range, and the instrument is no problem cause of failure.

  Transport with fixed scale frame angle not rid; pressure head and the pressure plate at the hairpin; the scale body and external interference; 3 sensor types do not match; weighing material partial load.

  Skip Hopper Concrete Batching Plant failure method is:

  If the transport with fixed scale frame angle is not removed, should be promptly removed; if the pressure head or pressure plate card, should be promptly dealt with, make it smooth without resistance; if the scale body and external interference, should be timely isolation; if the 3 sensor types do not match, should replace the favorable type sensor; if the material the partial load should be adjusted.