Fault two: it is difficult to open and close the feeder door when there is no material in the hopper

  Failure performance:

  The cylinder action is slow and weak, but check the mechanical part of the discharge door without friction, clamping phenomenon, and the solenoid valve, cylinder are no leakage phenomenon

  Failure cause:

  The gas path is not smooth, such as the gas source at the triple gas water separator filter is too dirty, cause the gas path is not smooth, so that the gas flow rate per unit time is reduced, resulting in slow moving cylinder; the muffler is too dirty, in the motion of the cylinder when the rod cavity and a non rod cavity pressure becomes small, leading to the cylinder moves slowly.

Skip Hopper Concrete Batching Plant failure method is:

  If the gas path is not smooth, the filter should be cleaned or replaced in time. If the muffler is too dirty, the muffler should be cleaned in time.