JZR Diesel Concrete mixer

Diesel concrete mixer is popular in remote areas or countries without stable electricity supply ,it is more convenient and less cost due to the high price of electricity .Normally Diesel concrete mixer sit on wheels ,named mobile concrete mixer .In this way ,the diesel mixer can service at different construction site.Now the Concrete mixer with diesel power can reach 500L charging capacity ,which means generally it is applied in small and medium projects ,such as school ,hospital or citizen apartment construction.

Diesel Engine is the heart of the diesel concrete mixer ,we apply the condensing diesel engine instead of evaporating diesel engine ,which work more effectively and save water and labor at the same time.  

Besides the diesel engine ,considering loading way,the diesel mixer can be classified in two ways

           1.mechanical loading machines.

           2.Hydraulic loading machines.

In fact the working effect is almost the same ,only the hydraulic loading diesel mixer machines are in more good looking which attracts some customers ,however ,the price is a little higher than mechanical loading  diesel mixing machines. 

       Characteristics and Advantages of Diesel Cement Mixers

  1. Mobile with simple compact structure and wheels.

          2.Efficient mixing less residual.

          3.High output with less power consumption.

          4.Stable quality base on mature technology.

          5.Easy operation and maintenance.

          6.Labor saving with automatic operation.

      70% diesel concrete mixers we produced are delivered to Africa market.350L and 500L are most popular size due to our market feedback .To calculate the total cost of diesel mixing machines business ,we here offer the below loading information for reference .