HZS25 Skip Hopper Concrete Mixing Plant is suitable for the commercial concrete business ,or the construction of small medium -scale building sites .It normally composed of aggregate batching machines ,main mixer,weighing system ,silos , center control system .The batching machines’ cabins quantity can be customized due to the actual demands .The min mixer is installed with loading skip itself at side to convenient the mixer truck passing .Weighing system is computerized by the center control system avoid labor cost .Silos is equipped with feeding pip and level measurement signal which facilitate the cement supply and quantity checking . 

  Working process

  • 1.Load aggregates into bathing machine’s hoppers respectively.
  • 2.The bathing machine weighing and discharge aggregates automatically according to the formula in center control system.
  • 3.Mixed aggregates loaded in skip,skip hoist on the track rail affiliated to the platform of mixing machine,loading the aggregates into main mixer .At the same time, water fed into mixing machine by water pump ,cement fed by screw conveyor from silos ,each storage tank of above raw materials is installed with weighing devices to ensure the quantity accuracy due to the formula .
  • 4.Mixing process automatically starts after aggregates in formula are all fed.And mixing time is set up base on different cement formula .
  • 5.Discharging automatically.

  HZS25 is characterized by below features

  • Modulationstructure makes it easy to be installed and transported
  • Compact structure of HZS25 concrete mixing plantoccupies less land.
  • Anti-noise design and dust collection system make thesmall concrete mixing plant  environmental friendly.
  • Economical choice for new commercial concrete businessman