PLB Belt Weighing Aggregate Batching Machine

                                      PLB Belt Weighing Aggregate Batching Machine     PLB Belt Weighing Aggregate Batching Machine


PLB Belt Weighing Aggregate Batching Machine is an aggregate batching device with loading machine or belt conveying machine feeding, it can batch more than three kinds of materials, which applied in automatic or semi-automatic concrete mixing plants. As HZS60  , HZS90, HZS120, HZS180 concrete batching plant.


  • Weighing system adopts world famous brand sensors to ensure accurate weighing.
  • It can be configured cumulative measuring method or separated measuring method according according to different customers’ requirements.
  • PLB series concrete batching machine can independently finish aggregate batching requirements. And it is with high weighing accuracy, high precision, high speed, simple operation et.
Item PLB1600-4 PLB2400-3 PLB3200-4 PLB4800-4
Scale hopper volume(L)
16002400*33200*4 4800*4
Storage hopper volume(m³)3*2.23*12 4*204*25
Productivity (m3/h)≥80≥120≥160≥280
Batching precision±2%±2%±2%±2%
Max weighting(kg)3000400050008000
Agreegate number4344
Feeding height(mm)3000320035003800
General power(kW)5*3111115
Dimension (L*W*H)(mm)12900*2000*32000 9820×2840×390013500×2900×445015520×3900×5090
Division value checking(kg)
Optional Aggregate Belt Fixed or movable aggregate feeding belt.