As the main component of the Skip Hopper Concrete Batching Plant station, the safety of the mixer and the long time operation are very important.

zhenheng will be popularized in this article. What are the necessary operation points of the mixer?

A .The local electrical console must be operated by professional operator, fully checked before starting work and then operated in sequence.

a  Powered on the machine, the power and fault light on.

b  Adjust the Digital Time Relay with demand water supply time. When the mixer is running, the flush valve should be closed.

c  Inching the mixing motor, checking the direction of mixing shaft running is correct or not.

d  Start the air compressor.

e  Start the Mixing motor.

f  Press the hopper up button, with the hopper rises to the discharge position, press the water supply start button, so the water and material enter the mixing drum at the same time. After the hopper discharging is finished, press the hopper down button to reset the hopper.

g  Material can be discharging after 30s mixing. At that time, turn the unload button until discharging finished, and then close the unload door.

h  Repeat above from a - g for next circle.