B. Notes about the JS concrete mixer

a  Motor shell, Bracket and Electrical console must be grounded with the ground resistance no more than 4KΩ to ensure the safe operation.

b  Electrical parts must be Inspection with I - level of Electrical Safety Regulations, to Prevent the motor from dampness, electrical components and wires from being damaged

c  No overhaul with the machine running. Must be power off, hang up the attention card and special protection to prevent personal accidents while do Overhaul.

d  Strictly prohibited to stand under the hopper or climb the track while the machine running.

e  No Overloading or Overfeeding to running the mahcine.

f Do not always stop while the machine running, if have to stop, immediately open the unload gate, to avoid the restart have problem with long time stop, if necessary, could manual discharge.

  1. Manual unloading attentions:

a, Power off, hang up attention card.

b, Release cylinder, take care and ensure no hurt.

  1. Do not let the sand, stone or other materials into the machine running parts. The bottom of the hopper must been clearning timely. Make sure the hopper gate open and close easy.
  2. Open the clean valve, start the water pump to clean the inside of mixing drum; and check the mixing arm Screws no loose when the machine stops.

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