Seven Major Considerations For The JS Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer No-load Test Running

  The first time while you receive the JS Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer, what should you do?
   Yeah, it’s must be do the NO- Loading Test Running first and then use those mixer.
Following are our advice for every users:
    A. After checking again each unit is properly installed without loosening, no-load test run.

    B. First start mixing motor, idling for 15 minutes during the operation should be smooth without abnormal noise. If abnormal noise must be shut down immediately removed.
    C. Start the air compressor, air press reaches 0.7∽0.9MPa.Then adjust the filter allows pressure gauge can reach 0.7MPa.
    D.  Turn the discharge switch. Discharge doors open and close and watch if the closed position is correct or not.
    E. Start hopper rises. Hopper rises to the upper limit position automatically stop as well. Then start hopper decline;hopper down to the pit bottom limit position automatically stop as well. The rise and fall during the hopper should be smooth no abnormal phenomenon. If abnormal must be shut down immediately removed.
    F. Set up water supply,start water weighing, watch measurement accuracy. After correct to drain.
    G.After running all the above work properly, overloaded before commissioning.
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