The first time while you receive the JS Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer, Do you know how to make sure the safety operation it?

    Following are our advice for every users:

A  In order to ensure safe operation, the motor shell, both chassis and electrical console are grounded, the grounding resistance of less than 4Ω.

B  During operation the machine can not overhaul  that be sure to cut off the power shut down renovation, hanging black out cards, and a hand guard to prevent accidents.

C  The machine shall not exceed the load feeding and run

E  The machine during operation,not free to stop,as occurred in the middle outage. If a momentary stop that should release about 1/3 material, in order to avoid difficulty in starting the host.Time will be too long to release the material and change employer.Care must be taken when employer unloading:turn off the power, hanging outage card,and send manned.

F  When the machine stops working, concrete inside mixing drum should unload the net, and rinse with water.

G  Remaining issues can be referred Construction Standard 20-60 “SME construction machinery safety procedures”implementation

H   Improve the operation and management system, good operating record and shift recording machine.

    Learning more about JS Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer, you are welcome to contact with us.