Winter plant maintenance, is consider the effects of temperature on the device.

Maintenance matters

  1. in Skip Hopper Concrete Batching Plant after they stop working, need as soon as the water pump, water tank, admixture drain all the liquid in the tank to prevent water freezing due to the residual machinery and pipelines was damaged, or cause a boot cannot start properly.
  2. pneumatic parts, JS Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer stopped work for more than 4 hours should be compressed water and air bag Shui Pai to prevent water condensation in compressed.
  3. diagonal belt if there are sprinklers or belt conveyor idler should be allowed a period of time after the end of production, was scraped by sweeper belt on the water, extending the life of belt conveyor. Vertical tensioning weights should accordingly reduce the adjustment.
  4. horizontal belt when not in use for a long time, should start on a regular basis, because water will drip from the bunker sand to level on the belt.
  5. air road to the North of lithium grease is more attention to vent compressor water the best look at the lowest point of the gas valve is good no
  6. Skip Hopper Concrete Batching Plant electrical parts open half an hour before each production premises machinery and control systems work.