1. Construction of concrete performance labeling;

       Thus choose what kind of mixing host. Such as water conservancy projects must be used to force the mixing console. In addition, should also be based on the type of concrete can be mixed with optional ingredients and storage silos.

  1. Construction environment and construction object;

         In the choice of the purchase of concrete mixing plant, should be fully taken into account the construction and construction of the environment, so as to ensure the smooth construction and construction quality. In the following circumstances we suggest that you are well prepared.

  1. When the site to be a one-time pouring a larger amount (according to the optional mixing need to stir more than 12 hours), accessories, high quality requirements, and there is no reinforcements near the mixing station, the best choice of two smaller specifications of the mixing Station, or choose a main pair of double machine preparation.
  2. When the site is inconvenient and the maintenance personnel need to spend a lot of time in and out of the site, it is best to choose the same size of the double station or prepare enough spare parts to ensure the smooth progress of the construction.
  3. When the construction site is more dispersed, but the distance between the site is not too far, the delivery radius of concrete delivery vehicles not more than half an hour by car, dump truck delivery of not more than 10 minutes by car. It is best to use the number of concentrated mixing, to improve the utilization of the mixing station and the construction of economic benefits.