First time while you meet the JS twin shaft concrete mixer control panel, do you know how does the water pump work? How to use the Digital Time Relay to control the water pump supply you the water that you demand?

1st Step:

Checking the water pump technical data, especially the pump flow.

2nd Step:

Setting the right time on the Digital Time Relay base on the Pump Flow. It means how long the water pump could supply the water for your produce concrete.

3rd Step:

A: Timing water supply button Turn Left:

Press Start Button, the water pump start supply water.

Press Stop 1 Button, the water pump stop supply water.

You have to start or stop the water pump each time with Press Start and Stop 1 Button.

B: Timing water supply button Turn Right:

Press Start Button, the water pump start supply water, and the water pump will automatic Stop with the time you sets up on the Digital Time Relay. In this situation, you do not need to press Stop 1 Button to stop the water pump.

Next circle, you just Press Start Button, water pump will restart works and automatic stop with the time of Digital Time Relay Setting.