HZS 25 Concrete Batching Plants are composed of mixing, batching and electrical control system etc. It is suitable for small-scale construction site.
Theory Capacity:25m³/h
  • 1.Mixing System
     Mixing Motor Power:  18.5Kw
     Discharging Volume:  500L
     Charging Volume:  800L
     Mixing Blade Speed:  31r/min
     Mixing Blade Quantity:  2 X 7
     Hoist Motor Power :  5.5Kw
     Pump Motor Power :  1.1Kw
     Hopper Lifting Speed:  18m/min
     Discharging Height:  3.8m
     Hopper Volume:   0.8m³
  • 2. Aggregate Batching machine
     PLD800 could be choose as 2-bins or 3-bins , or you decided how many bins you want.
     Aggregate Bins Volume:  2.7 M³
     Aggregate Motor Power:  3Kw
     Electric Scale hopper Volume:  0.8m³
     Cement Silo 50T, Bolted Type or Welded Type.
     Metric Diameter of Screw:  φ219mm
     Length of Screw Conveyor :   8m
     Working Angle:  ≤35°
     Conveying Capacity:  35t/h
     Motor Power:  11Kw
  • 5. Weighing System

5.1  Aggregate Weighing Scale

Electric Scale hopper Volume:  0.8m³

Weighing Sensors:  1000KG X 3

Weighing Accuracy:   ±2%

5.2  Cement Weighing Scale

Hopper: 250Kg

Weighting Sensors:  500Kg X 3

Weighing Accuracy:   ±2%

5.3  Water Weighing Scale

Weighing Tank:  120Kg

Weighing Sensors:  500Kg X 3

Weighing Accuracy:   ±2%

5.4  Additive Weighing Scale

     Weighing Hopper:  20Kg
     Weighing Sensors:  50Kg
     Weighing Accuracy:   ±2%
  • 6. Electrical Control System
     6.1 Voltage:380V, 50Hz  three phases
     6.2 Control Mode:
     Manual Control
     Automatic control: Computer control.
  • 7. Pneumatic Control System
     Air Compressor Pressure:8Mpa
     Power: 4Kw
For more details or technical data about the HZS25 concrete batching plant you can learn from our website: http://concrete-plant.club/ or contact with us zh@zhenheng.cn
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